Zohar Kfir

Director/ Producer

Selena Pinnell

Creative Producer

Kaleidoscope VR

Executive Producers

Evolving Technologies Corp

Unity Development

Josephine Wiggs

Original Composition

Judith Lewis Herman MD

Advisor/ Expert

Testimony is an interactive documentary for virtual reality that shares the stories of five survivors of sexual assault and their journey to healing. Witness these powerful testimonies and help us #shatterthesilence.

Recent events ranging from the Bill Cosby case to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump have dramatically shifted the conversation around sexual abuse in the United States. Despite persistent victim-shaming and the discounting of their experiences, abuse survivors are increasingly coming forward, empowering one another to become agents of change.

Their testimonies have made a difference, as they have both revealed the systematic silencing of such women and begun to challenge it. This project is an interactive investigation that will suggest both the obstacles women still need to overcome in order to report abuse and the change in how abuse survivors perceive their experiences and their role in a global conversation.

In order to tell this story, this project employs a novel way to explore virtual space, combining interactive video and documentary storytelling to allow the viewer to participate in an immersive experience that is emotionally intense but also user controlled, offering an intimate space to listen and explore the voices that are often not heard in the media.